Toivo Voit – General Manager

Graduated cum laude from Tartu University Law department in 1974 and from Tartu University Economics department in1992.
In 1993 T.Voit was one of the founding partners of Salva Insurance Ltd. and further on – its vice-president. Mr. Voit´s job responsibilities included working out insurance terms and conditions, reinsurance and supervision of claim adjustment.
In 1997 Toivo Voit became director of Kindlustusekspert AS / Insurance Claim Adjusting Company (now IF Eesti Kindlustus Claim Adjusting Department). Employing only 8 claim adjusters when Toivo Voit took over, the company developed rapidly and by the end of 1997 its 44 employees adjusted a third of insurance claims of the Estonian insurance market.
Estonian branch of the International Insurance Law Association nominated Toivo Voit Head of insurance losses section.
Toivo Voit contributed to the Estonian Traffic Law, Insurance Law and Insurance Business Law.