What we do?

We start from the beginning

In the course of loss adjustment an insurance company accumulates certain documents which may influence the company´s decision to refuse or considerably reduce the compensation. At least this can make the client believe his application has been rightfully declined. Although a different and much more favourable decision could have be taken, had there been additional documents, pieces of evidence, witness reports, or expert’s certificates. Unfortunately searching for and filing such papers is not quite in the interest of the insurance company.

Kindlustusabi knows what additional steps to take to protect your rights:

• we will compile and submit the loss application as well as represent you in your legal argument with the insurance company,
• we will file a lawsuit and represent you in court,
• we will restore your faith in your insurance company. Refusing to compensate, insurance companies do not always convincingly ground their reasons for the decline. In this case our impartial opinion will help restore your trust in your insurance company.